Why do bad things happen to good cells?

T cell in actionDisease is often associated with weakness and inability.  While an infection signals that your immune system is falling behind the microbes that are always in our bodies, autoimmune diseases signal exactly the opposite, that your immune system is fully operational.  At least the final execution stage is.  It’s in such good shape it need not limit itself to attacking disease, it can branch out and attack you as well.

The methods by which the body trains the immune system to sort the good cells (your own) from the bad (foreign cells) is still a mystery.  But in people with autoimmune diseases there is something wrong with the training process.  Your immune system fails to properly sort the good from the bad and attacks your body.  Many very different diseases, from arthritis to diabetes to skin diseases have their root in an overactive immune system.

The Era we now live in is one of rampant scientific discovery. Never before has science been so well funded.  Never before has technology advanced so quickly.  This blog will serve as an information depot pointing you to advances and news regarding autoimmune diseases, collecting the experiences and telling the stories of those afflicted.  Part of my mission is to learn more about these diseases.  Hopefully in the process, I can spread the wealth and help explain what these diseases are and what we know about them.

Medical advice will not be given here and no information provided by this blogger or commentors should be relied on as medical advice.  If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease or think you might be, seek medical attention and rely on your doctor’s advice and your own research.   I’m a writer, not a doctor.

Your input is welcome.  Stop in and leave your suggestions, comments or corrections in the comments section.

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