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Replacing IVIG

January 29, 2007

immunoglobin g care of NLMIVIG, intravenous immune globulin, is the intravenous injection of immunoglobulin G taken from more than a thousand plasma donors. For patients recieving this expensive, risky and time-consuming therapy for autoimmune diseases or chronic inflammatory diseases, there may be an alternative soon.

A small part of the current IVIG solution is responsible for disabling interferon gamma, which researchers identify as a significant source of inflammation. Researchers in New York believe they can seperate out, even synthesize the specific portion of the solution that will block interferon gamma. The result could be quick and easy, less expensive injections with less risk of infection. The timeframe? Possibly more than 3 years. The timeframe would be much longer if the active ingredient of this potential treatment were not already being used on human subjects, but if you are an IVIG patient, 3 years may try your patience nonetheless.


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